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TAC 2012
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TAC Classic Documentation

TAC Classic Game Description

The TAC Classic Game Description document describes details of the rules of the TAC Classic game. Read it here.

There were some changes to TAC Classic before the 2004 competition:

  • Games are 9 minutes instead of 12 (first auction close after 1 minute instead of 4)
  • New perturbation for flight prices (se documentation).

TAC Classic Protocol Documentation

The TAC Protocol documentation contains the description of the syntax and the semantics of the TAC Classic messages. TAC Classic Protocol pages.

TAC Classic AgentWare Documentation

The SICS TAC Classic AgentWare for Java will provide you with what is needed to develop agents for the TAC Classic. The documentation can be found at the TAC Classic AgentWare documentation pages.

TAC Classic Server Documentation

The SICS TAC Classic Server will provide you with what is needed to run Trading Agent Competitions based on the TAC Classic scenario. For the moment the documentation is very brief. Some documentation is included in the server download.

TAC Classic Log Format

The SICS TAC Classic server generates a game log file for each game containing information about quotes, bids, transactions, etc. A short description of the log format can be found at the Classic Game Log Format page and a game data toolkit for parsing the game logs is available from the TAC Classic software page.

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