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Competitive Benchmarking for The Trading Agent Community
TAC 2012
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TAC SCM Servers

The TAC SCM Server is an open source server for the Trading Agent Competition, TAC.

Running Servers

The following servers are running TAC SCM: For the 2012 TAC SCM tournament, you can find all information on the servers, the game schedule and the statistics at the Zagreb TAC SCM web page .

The TAC SCM servers at SICS all use the same user database so there is no need to register the agents on more than one server. Similarly, the TAC SCM servers at Zagreb use a common database. But the database is not shared between the two sets of servers. Therefore, you will need to register your agent on the Zagreb servers before you can participate in the competition.

You can reach the SICS servers from: SICS TAC SCM Server page.

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