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Competitive Benchmarking for The Trading Agent Community
TAC 2012
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TAC SCM Software

The TAC SCM Software consists of AgentWare, a Server, and a simple game data toolkit for reading the game logs. There are several TAC SCM servers running, more information about them can be found here.

The TAC SCM Java AgentWare 0.9.6 Beta

The TAC SCM AgentWare for Java requires Java 2 Standard Edition 1.4.

TAC SCM AgentWare

MinneTAC TAC SCM Server

The University of Minnesota's MinneTAC Research Group has released a modified version of the TAC SCM server that allows market conditions to be repeated across multiple games. This server has been used for competition games since the 2008 competition.
Downloads and more information is available here.

The SICS TAC SCM Server 0.8.18

The TAC'06 SCM Java Server is running games conforming to the TAC'06 SCM scenario. This server requires Java 2 Standard Edition 1.4. Please note that the MinneTAC TAC SCM Server above has been used in the competition games since 2008.

TAC SCM Server
 Purpose (*)

* Note that the Purpose field is required because we would like to know what the server is used for in order to
  • ensure that we develop the server to be easier to use in the most common situations / purposes
  • give us the opportunity to reference various users and uses

The TAC SCM Game Data Toolkit 0.4.1 beta

The TAC SCM Game Data Toolkit is a small toolkit that parses the TAC SCM game logs (requires Java 1.4). This version of the toolkit includes a simple game log visualizer.
Download the game data toolkit from here.

CMieux Analysis and Instrumentation Toolkit for TAC SCM

The CMieux Analysis and Instrumentation Toolkit is a collection of tools useful for analyzing historical log files from 2005 TAC SCM servers. The tools provided allow in-depth analysis of B2B and B2C interactions through an easy to read graphical front end. The current distribution includes a GUI for the tools, and the tools themselves which utilize the included library. The toolkit has been developed by Carnegie Mellon University.
Downloads and more information is available here.

If you have trouble with the AgentWare or the other downloads please email

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