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Competitive Benchmarking for The Trading Agent Community
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Trading Agent Competition

The Trading Agent Competition (TAC) is an international forum designed to promote and encourage high quality research into the trading agent problem. Michael Wellman led the team that organized the first years competitions. based on the "travel agent scenario" (called TAC Classic). From TAC 2002, SICS organized the competition together with the TAC community.

Since 2003 the competition also has a supply chain scenario created by Carnegie Mellon University and SICS (called TAC SCM).

More about the scenarios

  • TAC Classic - a "travel agent" scenario based on complex procurement on multiple simultaneous auctions
  • TAC SCM - a PC manufacturer scenario based on sourcing of components, manufacturing of PC's and sales to customers

TAC Publications

At the Michigan TAC site there is a list of TAC publications, read it here.

Mailing list

tac.discuss - mailinglist with discussions about TAC. Join the tac.discuss mailing list here.

The geographical location of the TAC 2002 participants
(note that some dots represent multiple participants)

Latest News

TAC 2012 - Call for Participation [2012-02-27]
Registration for TAC-2011 [2011-04-01]
TAC 2011 Call for Participation [2010-12-05]

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