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TAC 2004

TAC 2004 consisted of two separate competitions: TAC Classic focused on bidding on multiple simultaneous markets and TAC SCM focused on e-trading in a supply chain scenario.

You can find the registered participants of TAC04 here.

TAC 2004 Calendar

  • 2004-03-01 - call for participation for both competitions
  • 2004-05-31 - end of call for participation period
  • 2004-06-07 - qualifying (2 weeks)
  • 2004-07-05 - seeding (2 weeks)
  • 2004-07-20 - TAC 2004 Finals at AAMAS, NewYork, NY, USA


During qualifying and seeding rounds TAC Classic and TAC SCM will be played on,,, The exact details depend on the number of participants in each competition.

Call For Participation


The Fifth Annual Trading Agent Competition

July , New York, NY, USA
(co-ordinated with the AAMAS 2004 Conference)

Trading in electronic markets is increasingly becoming both a
commonplace economic activity and a topic of special interest within
the AI, Electronic Commerce, and Multiagent Systems (MAS) research

Building on the success of previous Trading Agent Competition events,
we announce The Fifth Annual Trading Agent Competition (TAC-04), to be
held in June and July of 2004, with the finals during the AAMAS 2004
conference (20-22 of July).

This event is designed to spur research on common problems, promote
definitions of benchmarks and standard problem descriptions, and
showcase current technologies.

The competition will pit software agents--developed by research
groups, students, and others from all over the world--against each
other in challenging market games.  This year, there will be two
games in the competition.

1. TAC Classic - The software agents will represent travel coordinators
   whose goal is to arrange travel packages for clients.  These travel
   packages consist of flights, hotel rooms, and tickets to entertainment
   events, all of which the agents buy (and, in the case of event tickets,
   sell) in electronic auctions.

2. TAC SCM simulates a dynamic supply chain environment where agents
   compete to secure customer orders and components required for production 
   of these orders. The game captures many of the complexities of actual 
   supply chains, where both demand and supply fluctuates and each 
   manufacturer has a limited production capacity. 

The market games have been specially designed to present agents with
difficult decision problems and admit a wide variety of potential bidding
and negotiation strategies.

The competition will be hosted on the SICS TAC Classic and TAC SCM Servers
available for open source download at

Software agents communicate with the TAC Server via a TCP-based agent
programming interface.  Simple example agents are available in a

The final rounds of the competition will be held during AAMAS (20-22 July),
preceded by qualifying and seeding rounds in June and July.
We anticipate the following schedule for contest related events:

       7 June 2004   Qualifying rounds (2 weeks) begin.
       5 July 2004   Seeding rounds (2 weeks) begin.
   20-22 July 2004   TAC finals, Exhibition and workshop at AAMAS

To register for TAC-04, please fill out the form at

More information about TAC, including sample software agents and
a downloadable TAC server:

More information about the TADA (Trading Agent Analysis and Design) 
workshop is available at:

Please circulate this announcement to anyone who may be interested in
participating.  Questions may be directed to tac-support[at]

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