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Competitive Benchmarking for The Trading Agent Community
TAC 2012
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TAC Research Community

The TAC research community consist of universities, research institutes and technology companies.

OrganizationResearch FocusPeople
SICSTrading Agent Benchmarking, Trading Agent DevelopmentSverker Janson, Joakim Eriksson, Niclas Finne
Carnegie Mellon UniversityAgent Based Supply Chain, Trading Agent Development Norman Sadeh, Raghu Arunachalam
University of MichiganTrading Agents, Market Games Michael Wellman, Kevin O'Malley, and students
University of Texas at AustinTrading Agents, Machine Learning Peter Stone
University of Maryland. Baltimore CountyAgent Technology, Semantic Web, Agent Applications Youyong Zou, Li Ding, Rong Pan, Harry Chen, Yongkai Xie, Tim Finin, Yun Peng, Anupam Joshi
Brown University Learning in Games, Agent Economics Amy Greenwald
University of MinnesotaEconomic Agents and Robotic Agents Maria Gini, John Collins, Amrudin Agovic, Alexander Babanov, Stephen Damer, Wolf Ketter, Yelena Kryzhnyaya, Colin McMillen
University of Western Sydney Automated Negotiation and e-Trading Dongmo Zhang, Masabumi Furuhata, Md Khan, Laurent Perrussel (University of Toulouse 1)
Wayne State University Agent based Supply Chain Modeling and Coordination Ratna Babu Chinnam
University of Osnabrueck Trading Agents, Intelligent Agents Nicolas Meseth, Stefan Borggreve
University of Zagreb Intelligent Software Agents Vedran Podobnik, Ana Petric, Kresimir Jurasovic, Prof. Ignac Lovrek, Asst. Prof. Gordan Jezic

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