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Competitive Benchmarking for The Trading Agent Community
TAC 2012
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Competition Policies

Beyond the rules of the game itself, competition organizers reserve the right to disqualify agents violating the spirit of fair play. In particular, the following behaviors are strictly prohibited:
  • Trading designed to benefit some other agent at the expense of the trader's own utility.
  • Communication with the agent during a game. Agents may obtain runtime game information only via the defined auction API.
  • Denial-of-service attacks. Agents may not employ API operations for the purpose of occupying or loading the game servers.
All agents must be developed independently, meaning no one person can simultaneously contribute to the development of two or more entries in the same game. This does not preclude multiple entries from the same institution.

Entrants with any questions about competition fairness policies are encouraged to contact the workshop organizers.


We intend to run the most robust and fair tournament possible. However, we cannot be responsible for anything, really. If, for instance, the network goes down on the day of the competition and we all sit around with nothing to do, we cannot reimburse you for your time or your travel expenses. If your agent mistakenly buys a real plane ticket on Travelocity instead of participating in the TAC auctions, you are stuck with it.


The competition is inherently a public activity. It is our intent to make much of the information about the competition public. In particular, we plan:
  • to announce the competition results to the press,
  • to write technical articles about the experience,
  • to make the code of all participating agents available to the research community by placing them in a publicly accessible TAC-agent archive.
We also encourage participants to write technical reports detailing their experience and their agent architectures. We do promise not sell or share our mailing list with any commercial entities, and we will respect any direct requests for privacy.

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