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TAC Agent Repository

This is a repository of TAC Classic, SCM, and Market Design agents. Any TAC Team can submit their agents (descriptions, source, binary).

TAC Classic / Travel

Agent_02 iustTAC -Other none 2008-06-09
AIDA AIDA -Other none 2011-06-18
Advanced Intelligent Dynamic Agent
armita armita -Other none 2011-05-16
ASR ASR -Java none 2006-06-23
Bhuvana Bhuvana -Java none 2012-04-27
smart agent
bills bills 2010Other source 2010-02-18
bulent bulent -Java none 2009-02-24
charlies_angels charlies_angels -Java none 2006-11-06
cuongnd cuongnd -Java none 2012-06-22
simple test
dazi dazi -Java none 2011-10-10
Travel to Malta
dazi1 dazi -Other none 2011-10-10
Travel agent
daziagent0 daziagent -Java none 2011-10-12
DummyAgent SpecTACularDummyTest -Java none 2011-12-06
EPO EPO -Java none 2006-10-02
exam_1 exam 2008Java binary 2008-05-03
Flavio Flavio -Java none 2008-03-18
Haritha Haritha -Java none 2012-05-01
we know java
hoangcuong2011 hoangcuong2011 -Other none 2012-06-01
hrbeu0 hrbeu -Java none 2010-03-29
hydra1 hydra -Java none 2008-02-06
iustTAC0 iustTAC -Other none 2008-06-09
jay jay -Other none 2007-03-26
JieLP JieLP -Other none 2009-02-19
JONNATTAN UDECAGENT -Java none 2006-12-06
Mercury Mercury2 -Java none 2006-09-16
Mercury2 Mercury2 -Java none 2006-09-16
New version
Mertacor Mertacor 2005Java binary 2010-07-09
Mertacor Classic agent 2005 binary release
myAgent TestBID 2012Other binary 2012-06-12
repair DUMMY
mytest mytest -Java none 2008-05-04
mytest_1 mytest_1 -Other none 2008-05-04
nhomhai NTC -Java none 2012-05-29
Nirali Nirali -Other none 2008-01-04
otest otest 2010Java source 2010-11-07
qaiser.hanif qaiser.hanif -Java none 2008-02-09
RoxyBot RoxyBot 2006Java binary 2006-08-31
RoxyBot 2006
RoxyBot v2.0 RoxyBot 2006Java binary 2007-05-26
RoxyBot v2.0
RoxyBot v2.0 src RoxyBot 2006Java source 2007-05-26
RoxyBot v2.0 Source
SICS02 SICS 2005Other source 2009-07-20
The SICS agent from 02-05
Smile Smile -Java none 2006-04-04
TAG TAG -Java none 2012-04-27
Price less agent
Tambaś-Network Tambaś-Network -Java none 2009-06-14
tigerbroker salmanandfriends -Other none 2012-02-18
TomDummyTest TomDummyTest -Java none 2008-03-27
TrAder TrAder -Java none 2007-11-05
TrendAgent TrendAgent -Java none 2006-07-21
UDECAGENT UDECAGENT -Java none 2006-12-06
Proyect MAS
UTmassive utmassive -Other none 2007-10-30
UTTA06 UTTA06 2006Other binary 2006-05-23
Vasudha Vasudha -Java none 2012-04-27
xcli xcli_test -Java none 2009-02-19


A-A false -Java none 2011-04-06
ACTIVE-GT ACTIVE -Other none 2012-06-04
armita armita 2011Java binary 2011-05-16
BehSamTac BehSamTac 2011Java source 2012-02-08
Botticelli Botticelli 2005Java binary 2005-11-06
Botticelli_Cplex9 Botticelli 2005Java binary 2005-11-06
works with Cplex 9
bulent bulent -Java none 2009-02-24
cdjohns3 cdjohns3 -Java none 2007-11-15
check age123 -Java none 2011-11-11
CMieux CMieux -Other none 2008-06-11
CrocodileAgent CrocodileAgent 2005Java binary 2005-10-28
CrocodileAgent-05 binary release
dark dark 2005Java bin/src 2005-11-24
DeepMaize DeepMaize 2005Java binary 2005-10-21
A binary release of the version of Deep Maize used in the 2005 Final round.
DeepMaize-06-Finals DeepMaize 2006Java binary 2006-06-21
Deep Maize 2006 Finals
DeepMaize-06-semifinals DeepMaize 2006Java binary 2006-06-21
Deep Maize 2006 Semi-Finals
DeepMaize-07-Finals DeepMaize 2007Java binary 2007-09-08
Deep Maize 2007 Finals
DeepMaize-09-Finals DeepMaize 2009Java binary 2009-07-27
Deep Maize 2008/09
DeepMaize_CustomerDemand DeepMaize 2006Java source 2006-04-01
Deep Maize customer demand predictor
dummy imHuman 2007Java binary 2007-05-27
esadcakici esadcakici 2009Java source 2009-02-18
FirstAgentZ1 FirstAgentZ -Java none 2009-05-01
Foreseer Foreseer 2005Java binary 2005-11-28
Binary release of agent that competed in 05 quarter finals.
FuzzyAgent_01 iustTAC 2008Java binary 2008-11-30
Gemeleon GeminiJK 2006Java bin/src 2006-11-27
Gemeleon - GeminiJK 2006 Development Framework
GeminiJK GeminiJK 2005Java binary 2005-11-10
GeminiJK-2005 binary release
GoBlueOval GoBlueOval 2005Java binary 2005-10-17
TAC05 competition agent
GRUNN GRUNN 2008Java binary 2010-05-11
hrbeu hrbeu 2010Java binary 2010-03-28
hrbeu0 hrbeu 2005Other binary 2010-03-29
hrbeu1 hrbeu 2006Java binary 2010-03-29
imHuman imHuman -Java none 2007-05-27
Bounded Rational Agent
iota iota -Java none 2012-04-16
iustAgent iustTAC 2008Java source 2008-11-30
iustTAC0 iustTAC 2008Other source 2008-06-09
LOAgent'11 WWU-LO -Java none 2011-04-30
LO Agent'11
Maxon Final 06 Maxon 2006Java binary 2006-09-22
Maxon Semi 2006 Maxon 2006Java binary 2006-09-22
Mertacor Mertacor 2005Java binary 2010-07-09
Mertacor SCM agent 2005 binary release
Mertacor 2008 Mertacor 2008Java binary 2010-07-09
Mertacor SCM agent 2008 binary release
MinneKatTAC MinneKatTAC 2007Java source 2007-01-18
MinneKatTAC0 MinneKatTAC 2006Java none 2006-10-31
MinneKatTAC1 MinneKatTAC 2006Java none 2006-10-31
MinneTAC MinneTAC -Java none 2005-10-12
MinneTAC-04 Source
MinneTAC-06-bin MinneTAC -Java none 2006-08-16
MinneTAC agent from 2006 semifinals
MinneTAC-08 MinneTAC 2008Java source 2008-10-23
2008 source distribution
MinneTAC05-bin MinneTAC -Java none 2006-08-16
MinneTAC-05 binary release
MinneTAC2009 MinneTAC -Java none 2009-08-23
Third place in TAC SCM 2009 finals
mojtaba mojtaba -Java none 2006-07-26
NebTAC NebTAC -Java none 2008-03-24
NebTAC0 NebTAC -Java none 2008-03-31
ntest NebTAC -Java none 2008-03-28
Optimal-Prime Optimal-Prime -Other none 2006-03-12
Orange Orange -Java none 2008-06-16
OurAgent OurAgent -Java none 2009-05-22
OurAgent was development based in the architecture used a mediator and strategy pattern
PhantAgent PhantAgent 2005Java binary 2006-01-04
PhantAgent for 2005 binary
PhantAgent 07 PhantAgent 2007Java source 2007-09-28
PhantAgent 2007 finals
PhantAgent2006 PhantAgent 2006Java binary 2006-06-23
binary for 2006 finals
Punga2Bani Punga2Bani 2012Java binary 2012-04-29
r0_ox r0_ox -Java none 2007-04-05
snow_sunjingjing snow_sunjingjing 2006Java binary 2010-03-28
snow_sunjingjing0 snow_sunjingjing 2006Java binary 2010-03-28
snow_sunjingjing1 snow_sunjingjing 2005Java binary 2010-03-28
sokei sokei -Java none 2010-11-29
ESTCB prototype
SouthamptonSCM SouthamptonSCM 2006Java binary 2006-10-26
2006 Entry
TacTex Starter Agent TacTex -Java none 2007-02-16
basic TacTex infrastructure (source)
TacTex-05 TacTex 2005Java binary 2005-10-13
TacTex-05 binary release
TacTex-06 TacTex 2006Java binary 2006-07-06
TacTex-06 binary release
TacTex-07 TacTex 2007Java binary 2007-09-03
TacTex-07 binary release
TacTex-09 TacTex 2010Other binary 2010-05-20
TacTex 2009
TacTex-10 SCM TacTex 2010Java binary 2010-06-11
TacTex-10 for SCM
Tiancalli Tiancalli -Java none 2006-09-17
The mexican agent for TAC SCM 2005
Tiancalli06 Tiancalli -Java none 2006-09-17
The mexican agent for TAC SCM 2006
u296956480 u29695648 -Other none 2012-12-07
agent 1
u296956481 u29695648 -Other none 2012-12-07
agent 2
u296956482 u29695648 -Other none 2012-12-07
agent 3
u296956483 u29695648 -Other none 2012-12-07
agent 4
UAM-TAC UAM-TAC -Other none 2007-06-13
udgTAC udgTAC -Java none 2008-06-30
dummy agent
UECEMAS UECEMAS -Java none 2010-03-30
UECE MAS is a Multi-Agent System based in Intelligent Products and Social Regulation.
UniT2011 UniT2011 2011Java source 2011-08-03
uvauecechain uvauecechain -Java none 2011-02-06
A agent based in a multi-agent approach.
WWU WWU-LO -Java none 2011-04-30
WWUAgent'11 WWU-LO -Java none 2011-04-30
WWU Agent'11

TAC Market Design

AstonCAT AstonCAT 2010Other binary 2011-01-18
Bazargan Zebel bazarganzebel 2008Java bin/src 2008-09-03
"Bazargan Zebel" in Persian(Farsi) means "A Clever Trader".
BDA-Market AstonCAT -Java none 2012-12-16
Bi-directional Double Auction Market
cestlavie cestlavie 2009Other binary 2009-11-02
CrocodileAgent CrocodileAgent 2007Java binary 2007-09-14
CrocodileAgent from TAC Market Design Competition 2007
CrocodileAgent 2008 CrocodileAgent 2008Java binary 2008-08-25
CrocodileAgent from TAC Market Design Competition 2008
CUNY.CS CUNY.CS 2009Java binary 2009-11-01
CUNY.CS agent for 2009 CAT Tournament
dazi dazi3 -Java none 2011-10-10
A supply chain management Agent for Hotel, Flight and entertainment
DOG King'sCAT 2008Java binary 2008-11-25
GhodsUniversity TCat -Java none 2008-06-08
a test agent
Haritha Haritha1 -Java none 2012-05-14
we dsifuy
Havana Havana 2007Java binary 2007-08-14
2007 Agent
IAMwildCAT IAMwildCAT 2009Java binary 2009-11-02
The IAMwildCAT Agent
jackaroo jackaroo 2007Java binary 2007-08-16
jackaroo-2011 jackaroo-11 2011Java binary 2011-09-12
1st of CAT 2011
jackaroo2008 jackaroo 2008Java binary 2010-10-15
3rd place of CAT 2008 finals
jackaroo2009 jackaroo 2009Java binary 2010-10-15
Champion of TAC 2009 finals
jackaroo2010 jackaroo 2010Java binary 2010-10-15
2nd place of CAT 2010 finals
MANX MANX 2007Java binary 2007-08-20
A binary version of MANX that ran in the 2007 finals.
MANX 2008 MANX 2008Java binary 2008-11-13
A binary version of MANX that ran in the 2008 finals.
Mertacor Mertacor 2007Java binary 2010-07-09
Mertacor CAT agent 2007 binary release
Mertacor 2009 Mertacor 2009Java binary 2010-07-09
Mertacor CAT agent 2009 binary release
Mertacor 2010 Mertacor 2010Java binary 2010-07-13
Mertacor CAT agent 2010 binary release
Mertacor_2008 Mertacor 2008Java binary 2011-08-29
Mertacor CAT agent 2008 binary release
MetroCat_CH MetroAgent 2007Java binary 2009-05-10
A sample CH-based specialist for CAT games
MyFuzzy MyFuzzy 2008Java binary 2008-11-24
A Fuzzy Logic Based Agent
PersianCat PersianCat 2008Java binary 2010-04-20
PoleCAT PoleCAT 2011Java binary 2011-08-27
The PoleCAT Agent
PSUCAT PSUCAT 2007Java binary 2007-10-07
PSUCAT for CAT-2007
PSUCAT-2008 PSUCAT 2008Java binary 2008-11-17
psucat agent for CAT 2008
PSUCAT-2009 PSUCAT 2009Java binary 2009-10-21
PSUCAT binary for CAT 2009 tournament
TacTex TacTex 2007Java binary 2007-09-03
The TacTex agent for CAT
TCAT TCat -Java none 2008-06-08
a test agent
TWBB TWBB 2011Java binary 2011-09-13
TWBB for CAT 2011
UMTac09 UMTac09 2009Other source 2009-10-09
UMTac09- ver. G3

TAC Ad Auctions

AstonTAC AstonTAC 2009Java binary 2009-09-30
CrocodileAgent CrocodileAgent 2009Java binary 2009-09-17
CrocodileAgent-09 binary release
CrocodileAgent 2010 CrocodileAgent 2010Java binary 2010-07-06
CrocodileAgent-10 binary release
CrocodileAgent 2011 CrocodileAgent 2011Java binary 2011-08-29
CrocodileAgent-11 binary release
DNAgents DNAgents 2009Java binary 2010-01-25
Uses a Genetic Algorithm
DownWithTheAds DownWithTheAds -C++ none 2011-06-20
EPFLAgent EPFLAgent 2009Java binary 2009-08-05
EPFLAgent-2010 EPFLAgent 2010Java binary 2010-07-09
Agent for the TAC/AA 2010 competition
Hermes AIatUoM 2011Java binary 2012-05-04
Hermes agent for TAC/AD 2011
HEU-Agent HEU-Agent -Other none 2011-07-14
maxagent maxagent -Java none 2011-03-11
Merlion Merlion 2009Java binary 2009-08-27
Final binary
Mertacor Mertacor 2011Java binary 2011-08-29
Mertacor AA agent 2011 binary release
Mertacor 2009 Mertacor 2009Java source 2010-07-09
Mertacor AA agent 2009 binary release
Mertacor 2010 Mertacor 2010Java binary 2010-07-09
Mertacor AA agent 2010 binary release
MetroClick in TAC AA 2009 MetroClick 2009Java binary 2009-09-09
MetroClick in TAC AA 2010 MetroClick 2010Java binary 2010-09-07
QuakTAC_Finals09 QuakTAC 2009Java bin/src 2009-07-22
UPenn bidding agent in TAC/AA
Schlemazl Schlemazl 2009Java binary 2009-07-31
Schlemazl 2010 Schlemazl 2010Java binary 2011-03-04
2010 Finals Agent
TacTex-09 AA TacTex 2009Java binary 2009-08-01
TacTex-09 (finals) binary release
TacTex-10 TacTex 2010Java binary 2010-06-11
TacTex-10 AA
tau tau 2010Java binary 2010-07-11
trading agent
tau2011 tau 2011Java binary 2011-09-26
2011 finals
TEST-AA-AGENT DeepMaize -Other none 2009-07-22
UMTac09 UMTac09 2009Java binary 2009-10-09
The binary files of agent
UMTac09-test UMTac09 -Other none 2009-10-08
this is testing
WayneAd WayneAd 2009Java binary 2009-08-27

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